Premium AEROTEC opens plant in Romania and continues growth trajectory

With completion of the second construction phase,
Premium AEROTEC has opened its new plant in Ghimbav, in Romania’s Braşov County. The production facility for aircraft components, erected in just 14 months, was officially commissioned, in the presence of Romanian Prime Minister
Emil Boc and EADS CEO Louis Gallois. The new plant will now specialise in the production and assembly of metal components for all Airbus series programmes (A320 family, A330, A380). Production started in December 2010 on completion of the first construction phase.
Premium AEROTEC is Europe’s most important manufacturer of large aircraft structures, and produces primarily for Airbus. Premium AEROTEC was established in 2009 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the aerospace and defence group EADS. Consequently, EADS CEO Louis Gallois praised the growing role of Romania in Europe’s aerospace industry.
“We are pleased to support Romania in further developing its aeronautical sector by locating Premium AEROTEC and other EADS subsidiaries such as Eurocopter here in Brasov. EADS is thus further increasing its industrial footprint in Romania which is already significant through projects such as the border security project. The capabilities of our local employees here are impressive,” said Louis Gallois, CEO of EADS. “This new
Premium AEROTEC facility will become an important part of the EADS Group’s supply chain and help to further increase the competitiveness of the European aeronautical industry,” Mr Gallois added.The Premium AEROTEC investments in the Braşov plant premises, which comprises 60,000 square metres, total to about € 40 million. The phased ramp-up of production will now continue through the end of 2012. From then on, more than 500 persons will be employed in modern factory halls by Europe’s industry leader in aerostructures. Already, the new facility is being smoothly integrated in the process chain of Premium AEROTEC’s German plants.

The new Premium AEROTEC plant is a key element of Aeropark Braşov, the heart of Romania’s aeronautics industry. It is in direct proximity to the Romanian aeronautics enterprise IAR Braşov and the local operations of helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter.

“In only a few years, Premium AEROTEC has established itself as a significant player in the aerostructures market and has become an important partner for Airbus,” said Günter Butschek, Airbus’ Head of Operations and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Premium AEROTEC. “Considering the production ramp-up of the Airbus serial programmes, we are very pleased to see that Premium AEROTEC is ready to increase capacity with its new facility in Romania. This allows us to increase the manufacturing of structural components for the new programmes, such as the A350XWB and the A400M military transporter.”

The decision to establish a new plant in Ghimbav was made in spring 2010. “Right from the start, there were a number of good reasons for this location,” said Dr. Dieter Meiners, Chief Operating Officer of
Premium AEROTEC and Managing Director of the local subsidiary
Premium AEROTEC S.R.L. “Particularly the existing infrastructure and capabilities, especially in the metalworking sector, were convincing. We will now play an active role in shaping the future of this location with long lasting aeronautical tradition. We will become a permanent part of Romanian industry and society and will foster too the positive economic development of the Braşov region.”

“The opening of the plant in Braşov is a clear signal of our continuing growth. With this action, we are providing a clear stimulus for employment and progress in the region,” said Joachim Nägele, management spokesman and Head of Programmes and Sales at Premium AEROTEC. “The challenge we face is always that of maintaining our position in the global competition. Our investment in the Braşov site has added a further plant with leading-edge technology and know-how to our strong company network. This makes Braşov a fundamental contributor to the competitive ability of Premium AEROTEC.”

Unveiling of the mock-up of the new Braşov plant (from left to right): Jochen von Wurmb (Plant Manager), Günter Butschek (Airbus’ Head of Operations and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Premium AEROTEC), Emil Boc (Prime Minister of Romania), Dr. Dieter Meiners (Chief Operating Officer of Premium AEROTEC and Managing Director of the local subsidiary Premium AEROTEC S.R.L.), George Scripcaru (Mayor of Braşov), Joachim Nägele (Management Spokesman and Head of Programmes and Sales at Premium AEROTEC), Dorel Toma (Mayor of Ghimbav) and Louis Gallois (CEO of EADS).

Premium AEROTEC GmbH has more than 7,000 employees and generated revenues of about 1.3 billion euros in 2010. Its core business is the development and manufacturing of metal and carbon composite aerostructures and the associated equipment and production systems. The company has production plants in Augsburg, Bremen, Nordenham and Varel in Germany, and in Ghimbav, Braşov County, Romania.


source: Premium AEROTEC opens plant in Romania and continues growth trajectory

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